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Savon De Marseille - 600g

Savon De Marseille - 600g

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Our 600g Savon De Marseille is a must-have household soap. It is double the size of our standard Authentic Marseille Olive Soap and is perfect for most general cleaning tasks. 

Consisting of 100% natural ingredients and embossed with the words ‘Savon de Marseille’ as a mark of its authenticity, this multipurpose soap contains a minimum of 72% vegetable oil and can be used for dishwashing, clothes washing, as well as laundry detergent or hands, face and body-washing! 

Fragrance-free, dye-free, preservative-free and additive-free, this soap is completely biodegradable, not tested on animals and plastic free.


    Sodium olivate, sodium palmate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

    The vegetable oils are sourced responsible (RSPO).

    How to use

    How to use:

    Our Savon de Marseille can be used in many ways: 

    • Hand washing clothing 
    • Dishwashing: cut through the grease whilst being gentle 
    • Hand washing 
    • Laundry Detergent
    • Clean floors and surfaces
    • Toilet cleaning


    • Made in France
    • Weight: 600 g


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    Make your kitchen Greener

    Savon De Marseille is a must-have for any green kitchen. But it doesn't stop there. Ditch your sponge and scouring pad for a wooden dish brush & hand held cactus scourer.

    Savon de Marseille Soap FAQs

    What is Savon de Marseille soap?

    Savon de Marseille is a traditional French soap made by following a centuries-old recipe. It is made from vegetable oils and contains no animal products or synthetic ingredients. It is known for its gentle and moisturising properties, making it suitable for all skin types.

    What are the benefits of using Savon de Marseille soap?

    Savon de Marseille soap is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to commercial soaps. It is gentle and can help moisturise and soothe dry and sensitive skin. It is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.

    How long does Savon de Marseille soap last?

    Savon de Marseille soap is a long-lasting product that can last for several months with proper care. To help prolong its life, it is important to keep the soap dry between uses. You can do this by placing it on a soap dish with drainage holes or a wire rack.

    Can Savon de Marseille soap be used for hair?

    Yes, Savon de Marseille soap can be used as a shampoo bar. It is gentle on the scalp and can help moisturise and nourish the hair. However, it is essential to note that it may take some time for your hair to adjust to using a natural shampoo bar. You may need to use an apple cider vinegar rinse to help balance the pH of your scalp.

    Can Savon de Marseille soap be used for cleaning?

    Yes, Savon de Marseille soap can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including floors, countertops, and dishes. It can also be used to create your own laundry detergent. It is a natural and effective cleaner that can help remove dirt and grime without leaving harmful chemicals behind.

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