About La Simple Maison

When an English country boy meets a French planet activist and they decide to create their dream home together it gives La simple Maison. 

A combination of our languages, simple meaning the same in French and English and Maison, home. A home that does not require loads of things, but where simplicity rules to bring more, more joy, more time, and more money for the things that matter to you. 

La simple Maison is an e-shop for homemakers, for those who want to take care of their homes without hurting our Home.

We started with Savon de Marseille, a french touch that makes sense for Cloe and our wooden dish brushes, a must-have in our home! We are planning to bring more of our essentials soon! 

In the meantime, we share a lot of tips, ideas and a bit of our simple life in the countryside on Instagram - @lasimplemaison.  

Who are we? 

Rory from Wiltshire and Cloé from Brittany, France. We live in a little market town in Wiltshire and love transforming our little cottage into a home. We realised how living simply could bring so much and save time and money. Since then we decided to share this Art de Vivre through La simple Maison. 

Cloé is passionate about the environment and convinced Rory to switch to brushes and Savon De Marseille when we were living in France.

Since having a baby we have made more and more effort to live sustainably and saw an opportunity to share it with the world! 

Our values

We want to take care of your home like we take care of ours, without hurting our planet. It means offering products that will not harm the planet and its inhabitants (including you) when made or when used. 

It also means only selling goods we think are essential or necessary and not pushing you to buy more than you need, or buy things that will end up at the bottom of a cupboard. We are aware that producing and transporting goods has an impact, it should always be considered when buying a product but it is our responsibility as a business to make the choice to be responsible with what we sell. 

We believe that being kind to the environment should be at the heart of every company and make a point of taking care of the sourcing of our products, the shipping and what we promote. 

We are a family run business, we will take care of your order as if we knew you, but if anything went wrong you can always reach out here and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

We'd love to hear from you